9:02 – GPUpdate.net concludes its end-of-year review with Mercedes, which won both titles for a fourth straight year, as Lewis Hamilton hit new heights to reclaim the crown, while Valtteri Bottas collected victories.

Mercedes: 9.5/10

Championship: 1st

WCC points: 668

Best race: 1st (9 x HAM, 3 x BOT)

Best qualifying: 1st (11 x HAM, 4 x BOT)

Fastest laps: 9 (7 x HAM, 2 x BOT)

Qualifying duel: HAM 13 – 7 BOT

Mercedes entered 2017 with the thought that the loss of Paddy Lowe and Nico Rosberg, allied to revised regulations designed to trip it up, would end its dominant spell.

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