That McLaren are in a titanic struggle for third position in this year’s Constructors’ World Championship comes as no surprise.

But Lando Norris having contributed 113 of their 163 points very much does.

Not to say the Briton was perceived as a weak link at the start of the season. Quite the opposite, given his progression since his debut Formula 1 campaign in 2019.

However, if either McLaren driver was to score over two thirds of their total in the first 11 races, all the smart money would have been on Daniel Ricciardo.

Even though he only left Renault at the end of 2020, it is a measure of the Australian’s reputation in F1, especially being a seven-time race winner, that he was widely expected to waltz in to McLaren and start bossing a team-mate who is nearly 10-and-a-half years his junior.

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