Nico Rosberg says he enjoys the balance he has in his current life, and that taking over the running of a Formula 1 team “would not be for me”.

Alongside his increased online presence that led Daniel Ricciardo to jokingly dub him “Nico Vlogsberg”, the German also runs Rosberg X Racing, a team in the newly-launched Extreme E series.

His former team-mate and rival Lewis Hamilton also runs a team in the off-roading series, with Rosberg’s outfit currently leading the championship in its inaugural season.

Rosberg admitted recently he now empathises with his former boss Toto Wolff with the amount of things he has to think about while running a team, but says the constant demands placed upon him by Formula 1 would probably be too much to ask of a man whose retirement came partly as a result of wanting to spend more time with his family.

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